Why Choose SEO


For competitive and dominating brands to conquer a broader niche, one should go above and beyond traditional marketing strategies. To break the physical barriers of market supremacy and authority, leading businesses in many industries go digital and invest in SEO.

SEO is critical for leading brands to achieve much greater online visibility and to capture valuable market share. With recent search improvements and focus on mobile and user-experience, SEO is more important than ever.

Why Leading Brands Need SEO

Large-scale enterprises in and out of Australia share the same question when working with digital marketers and SEO agencies. However, the answer is crystal clear, and several figures support this statement.

To begin with, organic search remains on top of other web traffic drivers among most niches, making it an essential component of increasing revenue online. Establishing that notion, we can see that the strength of SEO in driving organic traffic to lead Australian brands is highly potent.

Furthermore, organic search outruns other digital channels in growth and traffic. In other words, optimising your website for SEO has never been more crucial in 2020, especially with the continuous rise of organic search above other web traffic channels.

Top reasons why you should be

More than that, here are other reasons why choosing SEO can be a game-changer for Australia’s leading brands in the digital landscape.

1. Long-Term Traffic Equity

As a leading competitor in Australia’s digital landscape, you’ll want to establish a lasting presence in search engines. That said, SEO requires an investment in resources upfront. However, it has long-term impacts and profitable search engine ranking once you earn it.

Moreover, SEO can positively impact a year, and most of these metrics would only go up over time. As the Australian market evolves, you also need to follow volatile trends and search algorithm changes closely.

That said, gearing up your brand by employing SEO best practices guarantees a transparent platform and seamless user experience. Besides, the more time and resources you commit to SEO, the longer your brand can dominate the Australian market.

2. Organic Traffic

By far, leveraging organic traffic is a critical factor of Australian brands’ overall web performance. Not only does it bring new users to your page, but organic traffic also helps with the consumer funnel in ultimately converting your visitors to consumers.

Unlike paid ads and social boosts, SEO traffic comes with zero media costs and subsequently generates a substantial ROI.

Moreover, Google and other search engines acknowledge quality and relevant consumer-centric content rather than focus on crawlers and bots.

3. Channel Share

More than half of web traffic comes from organic search and is shared by websites on top of Google SERPs. Compared with social channels and other traffic streams, organic search still delivers the most web traffic to sites by a significantly huge margin.

With Google rolling-out mobile-first indexing and mobile traffic growth, local search has never been as vital as before in turning traffic tides to your favour.

4. Search Share

SEO delivers 83% of organic search traffic from search engines, while paid search generates only 17%. In other words, investing in SEO is more cost-efficient and effective than relying on paid ads.

5. Market Analysis

5. SEO isn’t merely a textbook recipe, but a highly intricate and intuitive process involving tons of research and market analysis unique in every niche. Besides, consumers also perform market analysis when looking for the best brands in every product or service.

Thus, leading Australian brands should secure the first spot in SERPs to strengthen their market influence and help users in their buying decisions.

6. Local Reach

Also, people will look for your physical store through search engines. This is where local SEO takes place. You need to optimise your brand’s digital presence for a local vicinity so that tourists and residents can find your store quickly.

Don’t forget that a significant portion of the population still prefers shopping physically than online. And people tend to spend more on physical stores than eCommerce sites.

So make sure you’re leading your consumers in the right direction by signing up for Google My Business listing and creating accounts on various social media sites. SEO specialists often dominate this phase through website and content optimisation and use local citations and link building.

7. Global Reach

Why settle for leading the local market when you can dominate the global scale?

Regardless of complexity, SEO takes effect on the worldwide web and can implement dynamic translation and localisation. Hence, the global reach can open doors and target consumers from any place in the world.

8. Structure and Alignment

Conveying a clear and actionable message is key to dominating any digital industry. Hence, streamlining the best SEO practices will help you organise your site and ensure seamless and hassle-free navigation and transaction.

Furthermore, you can optimise your digital marketing when all your digital channels, including organic search, converge to one message. As a result, you can give your website a sustainable and robust traffic stream across all channels.

9. Brand Elevation

Your SEO success will give you a sense of authority and dominance across search engine results pages. Brand elevation is an integral part of building customer trust and brand image, a turning point for conversion.

10. Customer Conversion

Conversion, if not, is the end-goal of many SEO strategies. Besides, SEO traffic is better at converting end-users and online visitors than paid banner ads. That’s because people perceive search rankings as trustworthy links, making it a step above paid search that generates quick results that lack authenticity.

11. Channel Synergy

More often than not, people who stumble upon your brand on social media would inquire about search engines for your products and services. So if you want your brand to dominate the Australian search landscape, you have to build channel synergy to reap all the demand you spent on creating content.

12. Social Search

SEO and social media have never been as seamless and in synergy as before. Today, many social searches are about trending products and fresh results. Therefore, social search and social signals have a sheer potential to promote and position your site on top of search results.

13. Research

We already discussed market analysis, but that’s just a small portion of SEO. Content, keyword, and audience research help you learn about user interests and build your content to capture your overall intent.

14. Content Distribution

Now you’ve done your research and learned about the long-term perks of SEO. But how would you mobilise your strategy?

Simple. By content distribution.

Working on SEO and robust link building requires relevant and interesting content for people to digest quality information and engage with the digital word of mouth.


There are more than hundreds of ways SEO can further boost your brand beyond the competition, regardless of industry and competitive landscape.

The points we discussed above are among the primary reasons big brands worldwide are adopting SEO and why they are investing resources into it. It’s clear how SEO impacted big brands in landing a firm spot on SERPs and market influence, and you can do it too.

Adapting the best practices for SEO is easier with a reliable SEO agency to back you up. Also, achieving long term design objectives can be possible through relevant data and a best-in-class SEO Strategy.

At Red Search, our search experts utilise results-focused and data-driven SEO strategy to secure and sustain your rank on the first page of SERPs.

For your questions and enquiries, call our SEO experts at 1300 101 712 or drop a message in our contact form.

Daniel Law
Written by

Daniel Law

Daniel Law is Managing Director at Red Search, an SEO agency based in Sydney. With over 10 years of experience in SEO, I've grown a burning passion to help Australian brands achieve their business growth goals by leveraging powerful SEO and content strategies.

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