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Small and medium businesses are leveraging local SEO to grow their business online and encourage physical purchases simultaneously, especially in a post-COVID 19 era. The increasing number of mobile search users also added to the demand for search visibility and Google Maps presence for local brands in Sydney.

With that, we brought together the latest local SEO statistics to help Australian brands keep up with the trends and understand the significance of a data-driven local SEO strategy.

1. Consumers visit 1.5 billion physical locations from Google Search monthly

A Google study revealed that people visit about 1.5 billion destinations from local business searches every month. That means people aren’t just browsing for local businesses but also have the intent to visit physically.

2. 46% of Google searches include local intent

About half of Google searches are related to location, further emphasising the impact of local SEO on your overall marketing strategy. Out of 3.5 billion daily Google searches, more than 1.6 billion of those have local search intent.

3. Mobile search accounts for 84% of “Near Me” searches

Local search has become enormously popular over the past few years. With that, “Near me” searches covered more than 84% of all mobile search traffic. Near me searches also grew by 500% since the past two years alone, implying the need for a reliable local SEO strategy in 2022.

4. About 97% of people look for a local business in Google

Most people looking for a local business rely on Google Search and Maps for directions. Additionally, 54% of respondents search local brands in Google once a month, and 12% search local businesses every day.

5. More than 55% of local businesses haven’t claimed their Google My Business listing

Small and medium businesses should list themselves on Google My Business, as it works with Google Maps to display local businesses to its users. If you’re one of the Australian brands yet to claim their GMB listing, you’re missing out on opportunities to engage with your audience.

6. Roughly 28% of local searches lead to a purchase (both online and offline)

About one-third of local searches are likely to have purchase intent in mind. If a user already knows that a service or product is available nearby, they’ll likely purchase it after searching.

7. 76% of people visit a store after a local search

Research shows that about 76% of consumers visit a brick-and-mortar business after looking it up online. That’s why you could miss out on potential revenue streams by failing to capitalise on local search visibility and local SEO in Australia.

8. 30% of mobile queries in Google are location searches

Along with the increase in mobile search, 30% of mobile traffic is related to location. That said, businesses with comprehensive SEO campaigns and mobile-friendly websites should benefit from this massive organic traffic.

9. The top-ranking site gets 24.4% of traffic from local business searches

It’s almost a no-brainer that people trust top-ranking websites in Google SERPs more than websites on page two. That’s why websites ranking on top get as much as 24% of all organic traffic from local searches. To make sure your local SEO strategy bears fruit, you also need to work on ongoing SEO to drive your site on top of search results.

10. More than 61% of users don’t prefer businesses that are invisible online

To further reinforce the value of local SEO, about 61% of online customers won’t purchase from businesses that they can’t find online. That’s why many Australian businesses with a bespoke local SEO strategy can compete with larger companies in local search and convert visitors to customers.

11. More than half of “Near Me” searches lead to a physical visit

“Near me” searches are significant for local SEO since over 50% of search queries with “near me” keywords result in local visits. In addition, brick-and-mortar businesses can significantly benefit from near me searches by tapping into mobile search traffic and improving local search visibility.

12. Over 85% of customers check online reviews before purchasing a product

Unlike physical stores where customers can inspect and check your products, an eCommerce site only relies on high-quality photos and detailed descriptions and reviews. With that, over 85% of people read product reviews first before proceeding with the purchase.

That means you need to capitalise on encouraging buyers to leave positive reviews to keep the cycle running and influence the buying decisions of new visitors.

13. 43% of customers search about a product when they are in the store

Now that customers have more options when purchasing online or offline, about 43% use Google to confirm their purchase even when inside a physical store that sells the product. That is especially true in the tech industry.

In general, we recommend making your business visible through local SEO so you can guide customers until the event of a purchase.

14. 86% of people rely on Google Maps when finding local stores

Google Maps help users navigate through cities and find local stores and establishments. That’s why as much as 86% of people rely on local search and Google Maps to find local businesses, emphasising the importance of GMB listing for physical establishments.

15. About 30% of customers look for local stores every week

People now have the comfort of browsing local businesses, cafes, and tourist spots online that roughly 30% of users look for local shops weekly, even with no intent to purchase. Still, you can engage with those potential customers for word-of-mouth advertisement and improve your reach online.


The potential of local SEO to drive organic traffic and sales has become more massive than before. Streamlining a data-driven and reliable local SEO strategy is integral. That’s because more and more people rely on Google Maps and local search to find businesses and influence their buying decisions.

Small and medium businesses should also leverage a bespoke and growth-centred SEO strategy that expands as your brand grows. Speak with our experienced SEO specialists today to find out more about how we can help your business grow.

Hans Andrew Consuegra
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Hans Andrew Consuegra

Hans Andrew Consuegra is a Content Specialist at Red Search. Andrew has over 3 years of experience producing creative content copies for various major industries including finance, health and media. He plays a core role in assisting the senior SEO team and is instrumental in the success of all his clients.

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