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We deliver powerful Google penalty recovery strategies that regain your lost SEO rankings. Speak to us today and watch your precious rankings RISE.

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Stop the Google nightmare once and for all. We can help.

Losing SEO rankings is never fun. Not only does it impact your business financially, but it may also cause emotional distress as sometimes it’s not exactly black or white why your website was penalised to begin with. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Our SEO specialists have a track record of successfully restoring lost SEO rankings without fuss. We’ve helped countless Australian businesses successfully get out of the rough patch and put them back into Google’s good books.

From Google Panda content quality penalties to backlink penalties from Google Penguin, we have you covered.

We Can Help Restore Your Precious Google Rankings

Google Core Algorithm Updates

There are countless Google updates and changes per year, If you have engaged in poor SEO work in the past then you may have likely hit by an algorithm update.

In most cases, finding out what caused a loss in SEO rankings can be complex. It requires a deep dive into your website’s past SEO history, reviewing Google Analytics and cross-referencing this data with updated forecasts.

Luckily, our experienced SEO specialists are here to help. We provide data-backed insights and offer practical solutions that get results. Trust our experts to get your website back on track towards real growth.

Website Migrations

Launching a new website can often result in a huge shift in SEO rankings. Fluctuations are completely normal and should be expected.

However, there are times when SEO migration due diligence hasn’t been completed and this results in the permanent loss of a website’s SEO rankings.

If you suspect that a proper website migration hasn’t been conducted or wish to formulate a migration plan prior to launch, speak to our specialists today. We can help protect or restore your SEO rankings from a large website migration.

Recovery Against Content Penalties

It’s a known fact that Google prioritises user experience above all else. If your website is serving low quality, thin or duplicate content then you may have been penalised by Google’s Panda algorithm.

Google Panda focuses on-page and content quality. It’s important that your website is serving content that your customers genuinely want to see and engage with. Creating spammy content or pages purely to rank on Google is a big no-no.

If you think your website has been penalised by Google for a content-related issue, speak to one of our experienced SEO specialists.

Recovery Against Backlink Penalties

Spammy link building practices are at the top of Google’s radar. This has been the case for the past decade and it hasn’t changed.

The reality is that many businesses are prone to poor quality link building practices. If you’ve been a victim of toxic backlinks then it’s important that all links are disavowed or removed immediately.

Google Penguin is a Google algorithm update that is focused on penalising websites that have excessive amounts of poor quality backlinks. If you suspect your website has been penalised by Google for a backlink-related issue, speak to one of our experienced SEO specialists. 

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Have questions? We got you covered

Certainly! Our SEO experts live and breathe SEO, it’s in our blood. All we need from you is access to a few tools and we do the rest. We crunch the data to find exactly what penalty you were impacted by and put together a custom action plan to get your website back on its feet.

Typically, for most websites, the recovery phase takes 3~6 months. 

The recovery process will greatly depend on the size of your website. The larger the site, the longer it will likely take for us to implement our action plan. It’s important that we implement our solution as fast as possible so that previous mistakes are remedied and that we get back to being in Google’s good books quickly.

If you have completely lost all your SEO rankings, then it’s likely you have been impacted severely. In cases like this, we recommend having a consultation with us. Our experienced SEO experts will assess the damage and provide the most practical approach to moving forward.

Our priority is to ensure that you don’t continue to invest money into a ship that has already sunk.

Based on a 3~6 months recovery plan, the average cost can range from $10,000~$20,000. For larger sites, a recovery plan and implementation may likely cost over $20,000.

It’s important that you consider all options available. Recovering from a Google penalty is without a doubt, costly. Our SEO experts will have an honest and upfront conversation with your options and advise you accordingly. 

Yes! We can help successfully remove a manual penalty by formulating a recovery plan, implementing our changes and then filing for a formal reconsideration request.

We have helped many clients successfully recover from a manual penalty, we can do the same for you!

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