Can I Stop SEO After I’m on The First Page?

SEO is vital in enabling small to large-scale businesses to engage with and convert traffic into revenue. Recent figures show that as much as 50% of organic traffic goes to the top three websites in Google SERPs.

Ranking in highly sought-after positions takes bespoke SEO services and is only possible with consistency and hard work. Besides, many businesses think you can relax your campaign once you are on the first page.

Unfortunately, getting to Google’s first pages is only half the battle. The rest of your SEO campaign is about keeping your top positions, with the addition of strategising how you can best maximise the amount of traffic you’re getting into sales and revenue. 

Consistency Secures First Page Rankings

Most if not all Australian businesses compete for Google’s top ranking positions. But once they hit the spot, they believe they have crossed the finish line and can now focus on the next business objective.

If you aim to succeed with SEO in the long term, you must consistently improve your site by optimising to Google’s best search quality guidelines, and by providing high quality content that your users are looking for.

To put it simply, in most cases, you’re generally not advised to take your foot off the pedal as soon as you reach the first page of Google.

Think of first-page ranking as any competitive sport. You understand the basics and learn about SEO to start an SEO-friendly website.

You must consistently improve your page, anticipate what your users want to find, and really understand your competitors in order to win in the biggest leagues – the first page of Google SERPs.

Google Frequently Updates Ranking Algorithms

Google constantly improves its search engine algorithm to best address a user’s search intent and user experience. As a result, search results will frequently change, affecting your website’s rankings.

Whatever strategy or campaign has worked the last month might be invaluable after an update. If you don’t have an SEO partner to observe for Google algorithm updates and quickly adjust your strategy, you may potentially find yourself dropping in rankings.

SEO isn’t a set-and-forget aspect of your business. You must maintain a continuous process to keep maximising ROI and revenue.

Google Loves Fresh Pages and Content

If you have been partnering with a Sydney SEO agency for a while, you should already know how Google loves new content and pages.

In a previous post, we discussed the five stages of content and how it attracts organic page traffic. Basically, a newly posted content will undergo five phases: 

  • Spike Phase: A rapid increase in traffic right after publishing the post;
  • Trough Phase: A stagnant decrease in traffic over a short period;
  • Growth Phase: Slow increase of organic traffic over a long period;
  • Plateau Phase: A noticeable peak of traffic that lasts for a few months;
  • Decay Phase: Gradual decrease of traffic and overall page value.

Instead of relaxing and allowing your competitors to outrank you, we recommend posting high-quality content and refreshing old pages to keep them highly relevant.

Competitors Are Always Improving

Don’t let your SEO guard down; your competitors constantly improve their SEO campaigns and audit your site to find flaws they can leverage. They want your SEO rankings as much as you do, so they’ll work hard to get there.

Suppose your competitors are constantly launching new web designs, publishing more content or gaining greater online exposure. In that case, it’s about time you realise they’re coming for your SEO rankings and customers.

Final Thoughts

Consumers across all industries rely on Google Search to find the most relevant information on any given product or service. If your competitors are constantly doing things right, they will capture more online market share and ultimately generate the same revenue that belongs to you.

Leaving SEO behind after reaching the first page is not a risk you want for your business. Ensuring that your ranking stays put means constantly implementing and innovating. 

If you’re looking for an experienced SEO agency that can get your business results, we’re the team call. Speak to one of our SEO specialists today and let’s discuss how we can grow your business.

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