About Us

We embarked on a mission to help businesses solve their growth challenges through SEO.

Who We Are & Our Mission

At Red Search, our mission is to help Australian businesses grow fast through SEO.

We understand that growing a successful business takes time, and hard work, and most importantly, that the business follows a growth strategy that has already proven to work.

Our experts have made it their mission to work side-by-side with Australian businesses to provide personable, honest and bespoke SEO services that allows your business to grow sustainably and predictably.

If you have a business growth challenge, we likely have a solution. Speak with one of our SEO specialists and let’s chat about how we can help your business grow.

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daniel law

Daniel Law

Founder & SEO Director

Daniel has over 12+ years of experience in the SEO industry. He leads a team of SEO and content specialists dedicated to delivering exceptional results and outstanding service for our clients. 

Born out of an obsession with online technology, he has made it his life’s work to help Australian businesses connect with their ideal customers and grow fast by leveraging innovative SEO strategies.

Having worked across startups, agencies and enterprise environments, Daniel has developed a natural sense of what it takes to achieve strong, measurable business growth results. 

When not crunching numbers and analysing charts, he spends his time diving into fitness, health and tinkering with the latest tech.

What Makes Us Different

Your success is our success.

We act on the belief that success tastes better when it is shared. To this end, we make it our mission to align our needs with yours, knocking down each business milestone that stands before us.

We commit to innovating.

The passion to innovate is deep-rooted in our agency’s DNA. Our SEO experts create winning campaigns with a clear baseline goal to accelerate your SEO and fast-track your business growth.

We listen, and then act.

We take the time to carefully listen to your needs, understanding your unique challenges before advising on a solution. Our SEO experts ensure that your business is understood, and not just treated as another number.

We forge trust, through transparency.

We believe that the key to our successful long-term partnerships is held within the transparency of our service. We act in the best interest of your business, continually taking your business from strength to strength. 

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