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Google now accounts for over 94% of all mobile and tablet search traffic globally. This means that if your business isn’t ranking at the top of Google’s search results, then you are simply not going to be found.

Whether you’re a small business or a medium-sized company, it is important that your business ranks highly on Google Search.

At Red Search, our Sydney SEO experts make growing your website simple. We take care of your website’s SEO growth so you are able to refocus your time and energy back into growing your business.

Our SEO Services: How We Help You Grow

Custom SEO Strategy

Your unique recipe for scaling online sales and revenue is a bespoke SEO strategy crafted for your business. Without investing in a proper SEO strategy, you’re most likely to invest tons of resources into SEO that simply won’t pay off.


It could be faulty keyword targeting, misleading site health assessment, or insufficient market and competitor research. To simply put it, there are too many variables to consider, and it simply does not make sense for your business to not invest in a tailor-made strategy.


Our specialists will work with you to understand your business and industry. We then put together a bespoke SEO strategy based on our research, crafted uniquely for you. Your business holds a clear and concise blueprint of what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

On-Page Optimisation

We complete on-page website audits and audits of your direct competitors to determine how we can best improve the relevance of your web pages.

Our industry-leading SEO tools provide us with unparalleled insights on how we can best maximise your website’s ranking potential and generate the sales you’re looking for.

We optimise vital on-page elements, including page structure, page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and image attributes, heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5), internal and external links, Schema markup, LSI keywords and keyword frequency.

Content Development

Content is king. We believe in this SEO philosophy and preach it well. Without sufficient, engaging content on your website, it is almost impossible to be ranking highly on Google.

We plan, develop, structure and implement SEO-ready content ensuring that all key pages are well populated and optimised as per your core keywords. By doing so, we are able to rank for highly competitive keywords and drive hard traffic to your landing pages.

Crucial SEO factors that we take into consideration when developing your content include word count, search volume, keyword search, intent LSI keywords, keyword traffic potential, keyword frequency and keyword conversion probability.

WordPress Migrations

We help complete successful WordPress SEO migrations that safeguard your SEO rankings during and after the launch of your new website.

Our SEO specialists are able to work with your web design or web development agency to ensure that due diligence and planning are achieved seamlessly and without fuss.

Our migration objectives are clear, and that is to ensure that minimal impact is seen during the launch of your new website. After all, it should be a time to celebrate your brand’s digital transformation, not worrying about SEO ranking fluctuations!

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“Red Search were quick to understand our business objectives and applied a structured SEO solution that worked to drive sustainable growth in our eCommerce traffic.”

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“I first contacted Daniel when we were only operating in Sydney. We now operate in 7 different cities Australia-wide with over 40 contractors. After 5 years, Daniel has become an irreplaceable part of my business.”

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Simply Maid

“Red Search has been instrumental in growing our business. They are professional, personable and possess great attention to detail. It’s been a huge 4 years of growth and we look forward to another big 4.”

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“Red Search have immersed themselves in our business and have ranked us for the most competitive SEO keywords in our industry. We are grateful to have finally found an agency that continually acts to put our needs first.”

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Trees Down Under

“The Red Search team are exceptionally creative in well-researched content that outsmarts the competition. Highly recommend them.”

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The University of Sydney

“Daniel and the team are very efficient and helpful throughout my experience with them. Daniel made SEO very easy to understand and built an amazing website that was not only SEO-friendly but also drove us a stream of sales.”

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Have questions? We got you covered

In short, the answer is yes. SEO can dramatically improve the online presence of your website. Given that SEO is generally considered the best performing digital marketing strategy when measured on ROI, we’d say the answer is clear.

Whether you are a business looking to generate additional enquiries, or a medium-sized blog seeking to drive more organic traffic, when done right, SEO will always prove to be a beneficial long-term strategy.

Let’s imagine that you’re trying to sell a house for a second. The property presents itself with an amazing front lawn and a stunning water feature. Amazing right? Wrong!

Let’s take a moment to look inside. We notice that the interior is a total mess upon entering the house. The walls are run-down, the staircase needs major repairs, and the ceiling feels like it’s about to come down at any second. Not only will buyers leave, but it also means you won’t be able to land a sale.

This idea works similarly to the SEO foundation of a website. The idea is that while a website may look visually appealing, however without properly optimising all technical SEO aspects of the site, it simply isn’t going to be found or rank well on major search engines.

What does this mean for your business? It means no online sales.

Our experienced team of SEO specialists can optimise and fix all technical issues found on your website. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide or Perth, our experts can translate technical SEO jargon into easy-to-understand language that shows results.

This includes:

Underlying technical issues can significantly impact SEO rankings and overall user experience. This will undoubtedly affect your leads and sales.

Don’t turn a blind eye to technical website issues. Get your website optimised and completely SEO-friendly.

Yes, we can help. It’s common knowledge that a new website launch can cause big drops in Google rankings.

This is especially true if the web developer has not considered how your new website launch will be impacted from an SEO perspective.

Without a proper SEO migration strategy, your website may see severe drops in SEO rankings (in some cases, it may take years to recover from).

At Red Search, we understand the many challenges of launching a new website.

Our SEO specialists work side-by-side with web developers to ensure that all due diligence is met well before the new site launch.

After the website has been successfully launched, we run through our 21-step migration checklist, ensuring everything is in working order.

The following SEO factors are just some of the points we cover before and after your new website launch:

  • Page URL redirects
  • Robots.txt audit
  • Noindex/nofollow directives
  • Canonical tags
  • Broken page links
  • Google indexation
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Page loading speed
  • Google Search Console: Change of Address
  • XML Sitemap

Yes! Great website content is one of the most important factors in a high ranking website.

It is your brand’s voice, but it is also one of the first and foremost things your customers will see upon entering your website. A site that fails to communicate effectively will not be able to convert users into paying customers.

If this is the case on your website, you’re potentially losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in unrealised revenue.

We provide the following SEO copywriting services:

  • Website copywriting
  • Landing page content writing
  • Blog article writing
  • Press releases

Yes! We can. Losing SEO rankings is never fun. It impacts your business financially, but it may also cause emotional distress as sometimes it’s not exactly black or white why your website was penalised, to begin with.

Our SEO specialists have a track record of successfully restoring lost SEO rankings without fuss. We help Australian businesses successfully get out of the rough patch and put them back into Google’s good books.

From Google Panda content quality penalties to backlink penalties from Google Penguin (both now integrated into Google’s core algorithm), we can help restore your rankings and ensure you stay up there!

Here’s how we do it.

1. Analyse Past Data and Trends

Our initial data analysis sets the direction of how we will begin to restore your lost SEO rankings.

This stage involves a comprehensive analysis of trends and analytics to determine the root cause of what triggered your website to penalties.

2. Execute Our Restoration Plan

Based on our initial findings, we then set out an SEO ranking restoration plan. This may involve fixing up content issues found throughout your website or removing and disavowing toxic links that are causing your website harm.

No matter the issue, our experts will provide a comprehensive fix.

3. Submit Reconsideration Request

We document all our restoration work and submit a formal reconsideration to Google.

Our SEO experts continuously have great success with Google reconsideration requests. We’re confident we will achieve the same success in restoring your website’s SEO rankings.

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