Guaranteed SEO Results: Why You Should Stay Away From Them

New businesses looking to rank at the top of Google can quickly fall for SEO agencies that guarantee positive SEO results. All it takes is paying for their SEO services with the guarantee of improved rankings in a few months or a few months.

It sounds too good to be true – because it is.

In fact, SEO companies that guarantee SEO ranking results speak from a marketing perspective and could harm your business in the long run.

Read on to know more about how guaranteed SEO results affect your short and long-term business visibility on Google and why you should avoid them.

Can You Guarantee SEO Ranking Results?

In a nutshell, guaranteed SEO results are sales pitches from SEO agencies that set fixed ranking results in a given timeframe.

That includes ranking claims such as:

  • Guaranteed page one ranking for specific keywords
  • Increase in organic traffic for a given percentage from Google SERPs
  • Free SEO for a trial period

But while it looks excellent and reputable in theory, experienced SEO specialists know that you cannot guarantee Google rankings. Google clearly warns against SEO agencies promising guaranteed SEO results since there are simply too many moving pieces to a campaign to be able to guarantee such a result.

Additionally, no SEO company has a direct influence on Google rankings. Google’s constant algorithm updates impact search results daily, which may result in severe impacts on any given keyword ranking.

Why You Should Stay Away From SEO Service Guarantees

Here are common reasons why guaranteed SEO is dangerous to your business and why you should avoid any SEO company making these claims at all costs.

1. Guaranteed SEO results may involve blackhat SEO

Black hat SEO includes optimisation techniques that manipulate Google’s algorithm to improve SEO rankings. This violates Google Webmaster Guidelines and may result in automated or manual penalties.

Common black hat SEO tactics include link schemes such as using private blog networks, content/keyword spamming, and spammy SEO link packages, among many others.

Black hat SEO is known to produce quick results, but eventually, your page will be penalised, which may lead to massive drops in SEO traffic and rankings.

2. Your page will rank poorly and on irrelevant keywords

Guaranteed SEO ranking promises may constitute vague promises to entice you to pay for the service. Specialists that guarantee ranking results may rank on heaps of low-volume keywords to meet the short time frame with minimal effort.

Low-volume keywords are search terms with unclear search intent and could be entirely irrelevant to actually selling your business service or product.

If you can’t reach your target audience, all the resources you used for guaranteed SEO results simply won’t pay off, and you’re left with a hole in your investment budget.

3. Guaranteed SEO services deliver poor ROI

Guaranteed SEO services are often cookie-cutter SEO campaigns with no clear strategic objective. Given the nature of the service, the SEO agency is naturally more inclined to meet their narrow-minded targets and less about achieving real results that will ensure your business thrives in the long term.

After a 3 month campaign using a guaranteed SEO service, many will realise that they’ve burnt a massive hole in their investment budget with absolutely nothing to show.

Why Partner With a Reputable SEO Agency?

Many businesses need a fixed search ranking result under a given time frame for efficient planning. But while reputable SEO agencies won’t guarantee results, they can provide you with the following advantages for your business:

1. Long-Term SEO ranking results

Getting to the top five search results in a month seems excellent for any business. But a trusted SEO agency will put you on top and work continuously to secure your ranking. We estimate most SEO strategies to take up to a year before seeing high-quality results.

Besides, once you get on top using white hat SEO, you’ll get to keep that spot for a long time and get qualified traffic and high-quality leads for years.

2. High-quality traffic and leads

Experienced SEO agencies focus on high-value keywords that are relevant to your niche and target market. Building your SEO strategy around these keywords leads to more qualified traffic, and real paying customers.

3. Ranking on competitive keywords

Keyword research is a core component of every SEO strategy and is crucial in helping you rank for high-quality keywords relevant to your business.

For example, ‘near me’ related searches now make up up to 84% of all mobile searches on Google. It’s crucial that you are staying ahead of search trends so that you can capitalise on the most lucrative keywords.

Additionally, keyword research doesn’t happen in the early stages only. It is an ongoing process where your SEO specialist will always look for new relevant keywords and assess whether your keywords are delivering sales for your business.

4. Highly relevant, industry-related backlinks

Link building is another core component of SEO that builds authority and credibility in the eyes of Google and its users. That said, earning one high-quality backlink is better than tens of low quality backlinks.

Some SEO agencies that guarantee a fixed number of monthly backlinks will likely use link schemes or private blog networks that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines.

On the other hand, reputable SEO providers will focus on getting links from authoritative sites with excellent domain authority (trusted websites in the eyes of Google). Earning links from these highly credible sites will pay off twofold for your business, improving your credibility while driving qualified traffic to your website.

Partner With a Trusted SEO Agency for Sustainable Growth

Claims and guarantees may sound great, but it’s always best to seek a reliable SEO agency with credible proof of their work. Time-tested SEO agencies know each business has unique needs and require bespoke centres to meet those needs.

If you have more questions about bespoke and white hat SEO, please call our SEO experts at 1300 101 712 or fill out our contact form, and we’ll discuss how we can best work together to grow your business.

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