Google Business Profile Statistics Australia

Google’s services, particularly Business Business Profile and Google Maps, have become trendsetters in Australia’s local landscape, and the numbers show they’re nothing short of transformative.

Let’s dive into the data and uncover Google Business Profile insight to help you tap into the full potential of this invaluable tool to reach more customers.

Google Business Profile Statistics

Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is your digital storefront and will make or break how customers view your business when they search for your business name in Google Search.

Putting your best foot forward goes a long way, and keeping your Google Business Profile up-to-date is key. Google reports that they receive edit requests by businesses more than 15 million times a month in GBP. That includes updating business phone numbers, posting new business images or trading hours updates.

Furthermore, 32% of consumers globally will do more research on purchases when shopping in 2023, making it important to meet shoppers where they are (at home or on the go). This is only possible with a strong digital presence to show your consumers how your products or services can solve their problems.

The same Google study reports that 47% of shoppers bought from a brand they hadn’t heard of before. New consumers will roll up their sleeves and dig more about your business. Feed them the data they want and they’ll willingly buy!

Online and offline local shopping has become more seamless in 2023 than ever. A consumer behaviour study records that 96% of consumers used Google Near Me searches before shopping in physical stores.

Speaking of review, let’s dig into how Google Reviews in Business Profiles impact Australian businesses.

GBP Review Statistics

87% of consumers turn to Google reviews to check out local businesses, a 6% rise YOY from 2021. The biggest industries where reviews are most important are:

  • Tradespeople & Services Businesses
  • Automotive Services
  • Healthcare Service Providers

BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2023Source: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2023

Google also made messaging with your consumers easier. Users can now message businesses directly from Maps if you’ve enabled messaging in your Business Profile.

Leaving a review is also now possible straight from Maps and Search. Here’s how consumers interact with business reviews in Google:

  • 33% of consumers “always” check out online reviews when shopping for local businesses.
  • 43% of shoppers “regularly” read online reviews for local businesses.
  • 22% of users “occasionally” check reviews
  • Barely 2% never read reviews and shop blindly.

How often do consumers read online business reviewsSource: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2023

96% of Local Customers Look for Negative Reviews

From a shy 85% in 2018, 96% of users (11% growth) look for bad reviews when they shop online. They look at product weaknesses and find reassurance that the negative reviews are minor and often irrelevant to their needs.

That means users who don’t care about colour and appearance wouldn’t mind negative reviews about those aspects as long as the overall functionality is achieved.

Certain Review Trends Raise Suspicion

Many people advise businesses to get as many positive reviews as possible. While that’s true and useful in most cases, research reveals that certain review trends may raise suspicion and cause users to approach the business with scepticism.

Patterns that may lead users to suspect fake reviews are as follows:

  • 36% of users will suspect if the review over-praises the product and business.
  • 40% think reviews are fake if several reviews have almost similar content
  • 38% will suspect if reviews are under a pseudonym
  • 36% if reviews are overly negative (bashing).
  • 31% if reviews are only star ratings (no text/media).

GBP Market Share Statistics

A Google Business Profile has two insight categories: Search Listings and Maps Listings. Search listings refer to when your business shows up in Search results as a local pack, while Maps listings refer to your business appearances in Google Maps.

More often than not, Google Business Profiles compete strongly with business websites ranking in Google SERPs, all thanks to Google’s geographically relevant search results.

Google Business Profiles hold 58% of all shopping reviews

Aside from traffic and market share, 58% of all product/service reviews online are held by Google (Maps and Search). As more people turn to online reviews when searching for businesses and products, Google regularly updates how reviews are displayed across its platforms to improve a higher quality experience for its users.

Furthermore, Google’s grip on the local business and reviews industry remains strong, with a 73% majority share. 63% of users also check product/business reviews on Google before visiting a local store.

GBP Engagement Statistics

Google Business Profiles get 400% more traffic than small websites

In terms of market traffic share, a well-performing Google Business Profile can get up to 4 times (400%) the total traffic of a small business website. This implies the sheer potential of a robust Google Business page in keeping small businesses level with big brands.

More than Half of Business Profiles Get 1,000 views monthly

Market research shows that over half of Google Business Profiles record 1000+ views monthly. Furthermore, 60% of those interactions result in a website visit. The insight suggests that websites do get high value customers off the back of a well-optimised Google Business Profile.

There are many ways to track, improve, and optimise traffic from your Business Profile page. Talk to our SEO experts to learn more and take your business website off the ground.

About 45% of Local Businesses Get Appointments Through GBP

For healthcare, tradesmen/service providers, and automotive local businesses, 45% of businesses get a call for an appointment or quote through contact info and appointment section posted on Google Business Profiles.

Many users and shoppers would want to contact the indicated contact information before jumping on a live phone call. Hence, facilitating a flexible and contactless request functionality encourages shyer audiences to reach out and convert.

More than 90% of Calls are Attributed to Google Business Profiles

Market data reveals that 91% of daily customer inquiries and calls return to the contact information on their Google Business Profiles.

Some calls trace back to customers visiting a website, finding the contact us page, and dialling the indicated phone number. But with local packs and Maps listings showing the phone number from the get-go, most phone calls are from customers using Maps and Search to locate a local business.

By keeping your Google Business Profile contact information up-to-date, you can expect most of your phone calls to come from search engine results.

66% of users engaged with businesses based on their GBP

Yep, you got it right. Even Google Business Profiles can be marketing tools for businesses of all types and sizes. With a well-developed Google Business Listing, businesses can reach 66% of target customers who call businesses based on their Google listings.

It’s safe to say that Google Maps and Search favour businesses with an established Google Business Profile. With accurate information, tons of high-quality Google reviews, and a bespoke SEO strategy, Google will provide more weight to your listing within their search results.

59% of Shoppers Check GBP Images Before Making a Purchase

A user’s search activity ends with a click (thereby starting the buyer’s journey on your website). But 59% of shoppers will check out your photos (self-posted and community images) before buying.

Besides, 80% of mobile searches account for image views in Google Business Profiles, cementing the importance of uploading high-quality images (and menus) to your Google Business Profile to rank and perform well in search results and Maps listings.

So, at this point, there are three to four things to remember according to research data:

  • Publishing accurate and updated information on your Google Business Profile
  • Keeping Google reviews genuine and natural
  • Posting high-quality product/location images
  • Integrating your GBP with a bespoke local SEO strategy

Final Thoughts

Google Business Profile remains an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes to compete, stand out, and be reachable in the Australian digital market. The statistics and insights we brought together should help you drive your business goals forward and improve your digital presence at all the right places.

Connecting with your local customers has never been faster and more cost-effective than ever. All it takes is monitoring how your business appears online, adapting to market trends, and engaging with your audience in the best way possible.

Contact our Sydney SEO specialists to learn more about how GBP and proven local SEO campaigns help you stay ahead of the curve and give you a competitive edge. Don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll gladly discuss how we can help your business grow.

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