Voice Search Statistics Australia 2022

Suppose you are looking for a specific service but have difficulty finding it online. Indeed, it takes time to search and browse from one website to another. You can receive credible answers almost instantaneously using smart technology that supports voice search.

Rather than spending hours searching for information, products, services, and even images, voice search simplifies the process by simply verbalising what you want. This means that the days of manually browsing on smartphones and other smart devices are almost over.

In today’s fast-paced economy, voice search is quickly becoming the preferred method of browsing both at home and work.

Businesses will likely use this tool to provide quick and efficient customer service, simply because it eliminates the time spent shifting through irrelevant or fluffy information to find the answer.

But when and how do Australians use voice search in their everyday lives?

In the following sections, we break down the latest voice search statistics, how it has changed how Australians search online, and what it can do for your business.  

What Is Voice Search Technology?

Voice search uses spoken words or phrases to find information or command a compatible device. The technology allows the user to speak to the device and then interpret the words or phrases to respond to fulfill the command (see user search intent).

In a more straightforward sense, this technology enables users of all ages to interact with smart devices. This feature allows users to work faster, more efficiently, and more accurately than by typing, browsing or navigating between buttons.

Voice search is revolutionising smart devices by making them accessible and useful to everyone. 

Listed below are equipped with voice search technology.

Devices with Voice Search Technology

With voice search technology, information on the web can be found more easily, and live our lives more conveniently. 

Here are the top 10 voice search-equipped devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart home thermostat
  • Smart bins
  • Smart faucet
  • Smart window blinds
  • Smart TV
  • Smart air conditioning
  • Other smart home devices

In recent years, voice search technology has become increasingly popular.

Next-generation mobile computing devices are rapidly adopting this feature. Check out the most recent statistics on Australians embracing smart technology.

The Latest Voice Search Statistics in Australia

With the advent of smart innovations such as voice search technology, this feature has changed how we search online. 

As marketers, we must understand the most relevant voice search statistics to enable us to craft successful, user-focused digital marketing campaigns.

1. Almost every Australian adult owns a smart speaker

Voicebot, a tech news site, reports that Australia surpasses the United States in smart speaker adoption.

According to a January 2019 report, 5.7 million own a smart speaker the 19.3 million Australian adults own a smart speaker.

2. Australian household owns three or more smart speakers

Edison Research’s recent Smart Audio Report Australia 2021 shows that 24% of Australian households own three or more smart devices.  

3. 67% of the total smart speaker owners use the device daily

88% of Australians who own a smart speaker use it during the week. While 67% of the time, the device is used daily.

4. Voice assistant devices continue to grow

61% of smart speaker owners intend to buy another one in the future. While 38% of non-owners express that they are likely to buy one in the future

5. Australians use voice assistant devices to interact with brands

A total of 49% of Australians use their smart device to interact with brands, products, or services

6. 49% use voice search through smartphones

49% of people who own smart speakers have spent more time using voice-activated assistants on their smartphones than on other devices

How Australians Use Voice Search Operated Devices

Voice search technology is constantly improving, fueling a new wave of innovation. This smart technology has significantly contributed to Australians in their daily lives, whether at home or work.

“The increasing prevalence of smart speakers in Australian households extends access to radio to more places and more devices and demonstrates that consumers value audio and are open to the increasing possibilities of voice assistant technology,” said Joan Warner, chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia.

Using voice-assisted technology on your smart devices is an excellent way to complete tasks quickly. 

Check out how smart speaker owners use their devices below:

Smart Speak Owner Statistics

Source: Radioinfo

  • 65% listen to music on smart speakers
  • 56% use the device to check the weather
  • A voice-assisted device is used by 53% of people to answer a general question
  • 50% use the device to check the time
  • 46% of people use it to set an alarm
  • 41% use a smart device to stay up to date on current events

Other key findings from The Smart Audio Report Australia show how Australians use their voice-operated device.

It helps reduce screen time for Australian households with children

A smart speaker is a helpful tool in reducing screen time for 51% of Australian households with children. While 69% of respondents believe smart devices have made it easier to entertain children

Doing chores with a voice-assisted device

67% of smart speaker owners listen to the device to help them with household chores. During a typical week, 63% listen while cooking and 57% listen for entertainment.

How Voice Search Impacts eCommerce

Voice search on mobile or any smart device transforms the ever-changing eCommerce landscape. To engage your customers more, see how they interact with voice-assisted devices below.

Voice Assistant users statistics

  • 33% use a smart device to interact with a brand, product, or service
  • 31% use the device to add an item to their cart, which will then be reviewed for purchase later
  • 28% order a new product using a voice-assisted device
  • 27% use the device to re-order an item

Shopping or purchasing online is now easier than ever, thanks to the rise of voice search and ease of shopping through mobile devices.

The Bottomline

This technology is a hub for a more significant digital life, connecting you to daily apps and digital services that help improve your quality of life. 

Simply put, voice search makes it easier to find information by simply pressing a button and verbally stating what you want.

Utilise the statistics mentioned earlier to your advantage for growth and management. With the advancement of voice search technology in recent years, it’s needless to say, it has undoubtedly changed how many of us have started searching online.

For more about leveraging the latest search trends to accelerate growth in your business, speak to our SEO Sydney specialists today.

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