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As a leading SEO agency in Sydney, Red Search carries its commitment to stay on top of Australia’s search and demographic trends. That includes what Australians and Sydneysiders care about in business, entertainment, and news.

With that, our team has brought together insights about what Australians search for on Google. Read about how many Google searches are conducted every day in Australia here, and what these trends are all about,

Google Search Statistics in Australia

As of December 2021, Google Trends revealed that Australians perform about 250,000-300,000 Google searches daily. It’s safe to say that Google’s 93.98% search engine market share in the country makes it a near-essential tool for businesses and individuals.

The same statistics also estimate that Aussies perform at least 1,750,000 Google searches in a week, more than 5.25 billion in a month, and about 63 billion Google searches in a year. That number becomes a massive slice of the country’s economy, given how more transactions occur online due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Australia Google Search Trends

The massive and ever-expanding digital and search landscape means knowing the latest search trends in Australia can turn opportunities in your favour, whether it’s eCommerce, health, or technology.

Google trends regularly fluctuate and change as new trends emerge over time. As of December 2021, the following searches are the most popular in Australia:

  • AFL
  • NRL
  • Australia vs India

Informative topics are also relevant in keeping up with Sydneysiders’ pulse and are crucial in staying ahead of Government updates. Australia’s Google search trends for news and informative topics highlighted the following results:

  • US Elections
  • Coronavirus and COVID Symptoms
  • Fires near me
  • Zoom

With COVID-related topics dominating the lists of Google trends in multiple industries, we recommend developing a marketing and business plan that puts your customers’ health and safety front and centre.

Furthermore, a digital global report released by We Are Social indicated that 97.9% of Australians between 16-64 years old have used Google in January 2021. About 10% of the respondents reported purchasing something online, making eCommerce an ever-expanding industry for Australian brands.

It’s also worth noting that about 35% of Australians used social media sites when researching brands and information using both computer and smartphone devices. About 88.1% of people also watch online videos and content on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

In other words, the potential for eCommerce brands on video content and social channels is massive for 2021 and the upcoming years. Keeping up with the trends and producing relevant and fresh content on popular channels should improve your visibility and increase your potential to convert organic traffic into sales.

Which Industries Get the Bulk of Search Traffic?

Undoubtedly, Australia is home to several industries thriving with search traffic and digital marketing. Research from IBISWorld showed that four industries are receiving the bulk of Google Searches and will be heavily affected by any changes in the search engine algorithm.

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops and Cafes
  • Beauty Services, Salons, and Hairdressing Shops
  • Holiday houses, Bed & Breakfast services, and other accommodation services

The said industries are also expected to rely on search traffic and digital visibility to quickly return to the market after lifting movement restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Most of those industries cover small and medium businesses that streamline various SEO services to stay competitive and drive organic traffic for conversion. The rise of mobile search also increased the demand for industries to keep up with faster loading webpages and optimising for local SEO, among other proven SEO strategies.


With its massive market share, the sheer number of Google searches performed in Australia makes SEO a crucial aspect of eCommerce and businesses, regardless of industry.

Today’s brands and companies in Sydney are leveraging Google search to drive traffic and customers to websites and physical stores, especially during a post-COVID economy.

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