What is Personal Branding & Why Should You Care


Personal branding should be at the top of the to-do list for every business professional.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what you’re doing. If you’re aspiring to be at the top of your industry then you should be branding yourself and your business.

What do I mean by personal branding?

We all have a name; your name is unique to you. It doesn’t matter how many people in the world have the same name as you, because to you; your name will always be identified to you.

Much like company names, your name represents something; it represents your personal identity, unique perspectives, and expertise.

For me, this is SEO and digital marketing. Taking this idea, it makes complete sense for me to be actively writing about SEO, right?

Personal branding via blogging

One of the most effective ways to personal brand yourself is through blogging.

By blogging, you’re able to write for a huge viewership from virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Blogging Online Enquiries
Representation of the number of contacts generated through bloggging.

Whether you’re trying to acquire new customers, build brand awareness or do it on the side, blogging is one of the best ways to build your brand.

These seven important points are why I think personal branding via blogging is a must for professionals and businesses.

1. Teacher and student learning cycle

The teacher learning cycle is something that we’ve all experienced at one point or another.

We learn something either by reading a book or networking with a colleague. After processing this information, we then translate this knowledge onto someone else.

Well, by learning about it and then discussing it this is where our learning is significantly accelerated.

What you would have done is made sense of it and then explained it in a way that deepens your understanding of the subject. This is exactly why in anything you do, teachers or mentors always stress the fact that you must take action on what you’ve learned.

Take proactive action on what you learn because understanding the theory just isn’t enough to achieve rapid success in learning.

Wax On Wake Off
Be like Daniel-Son

2. An outlet to showcase your expertise and knowledge

Personal branding via blogging allows you to display your expertise in your field.

Let’s say, for example, you are working to become the most successful electrician in Sydney. The topics you would likely cover would be titles such as common electrical faults, saving power where possible and the latest electrical technologies in the market.

Your blog is your professional portfolio.

For anyone who is looking to advance in their career, a blog represents long-term, personal commitment to self-improvement in your field.

Your blog will represent a magnitude of other positive things. It will represent that you take pride in your work, you’re a self-starter and can work independently without the need to be managed.

Think about it, if two candidates were applying for the same position and both are equal in experience and skills, who would you hire?

Kind of hard right?

Well, what if I said one had consistently branded him or herself for two years and the other had not. Would the decision now be simpler? Quite frankly, I’d be more interested to see what the branded blogger would have to say.

Never underestimate the power of showcasing your work, after all, you never know who could be watching. By putting yourself out there, you exponentially increase the chances of being found.

3. Improve your writing skills & vocabulary

The title says it all.

If you write, then you’re only going to get better gradually. It’s nature’s law of cause and effect. You might not notice it within a week, two weeks or even two months, but surely and slowly you will improve.

By consistently writing you will pick up on new terms and expand your vocabulary. You’ll improve on your grammar and spelling, and soon enough you’ll be publishing two thousand words articles in a heartbeat.

Hangover Equation Scene
You’ll be able to write content as fast as Zach can solve equations

My point is, if you consistently stick with it, you will only get better.

No matter how bad you are at writing or how scared you are about blogging the most important thing is that you start.

If you’re afraid of your work being judged, just know that somewhere in the world there is at least one person who will find value in what you have to share. Always ensure you’re providing genuine worth. You can not lose.

4. Freedom of expression & connection

Man with open arms

We’re a species that can not survive alone.

Most of us need to express ourselves freely in order to feel accomplished and free. When we’re in this state, we thrive.

Blogging is a great channel that allows business professionals to openly express ideas and thoughts on a subject matter. Blogging has the ability to bring us closer to like-minded people.

Picture this scenario.

You’ve just met someone for the very first time and you immediately start discussing in your field of expertise.

The other person responds and builds on top of your list of ideas. Five minutes later, you find yourself lost in deep conversation. You think to yourself, where has this person been all my life?

The moment you feel this is the moment you feel a sense of fulfilment. You’ve achieved this by freely expressing your ideas leading to a genuine connection with a like-minded individual.

With blogging, you’re able to quite easily achieve freedom of expression and connection. Consistently express your ideas and expertise because blogging is simply too powerful of a tool to not to.

5. Build a targeted, high-quality loyal following

We’ve all seen it before, Instagram athletes with 1 million followers and makeup channels on Youtube with 500,000 subscribers.

This is the time to be building massive loyal followings of like-minded people who see genuine value in your work.

Brand yourself by creating a quality blog that consistently releases valuable content that your community is looking for.

There’s no better time to achieve this than now, the present.

If you think about it, a short twenty years ago, the internet was not freely accessible compared to what it is today.

Social media and personal blogs were nothing but a fantasy.

The available channels to connect with the mass markets were controlled by the media corporations (television, radio and newspaper). There were very limited ways for individuals and small businesses to be able to get their ideas out there to the masses.

If you wanted to advertise or publish an ad or article, you’d quite literally be required to pay thousands of dollars.

Small businesses simply had no chance at being heard.

Fast forward twenty years, and we’ve been gifted with the power of online communication.

The ability to publish anything we want, at any time we want and instantly be heard. That’s the power of personal branding via blogging; you’re essentially creating your own business media outlet.

6. Blog monetisation by providing immense value

This idea expands on point #5. We live in a capitalistic society where nothing of man-made value is provided for free.

Famous European football stars get paid thousands of dollars per Twitter Tweet. Instagram models are showered with free products in order to feature in a simple photo. In return, the advertisers receive a nice bump in sales and massive brand exposure.

When it comes to blogging, you can achieve the same thing.

Say you’ve been working on your personal brand for two years. You’ve consistently made quality blog posts and have now amassed a daily visitor count of one thousand people per day.

One way of monetisation is to place relevant ads on your blog.

Another channel of monetisation is to review quality products that your following will find value in purchasing. In return, you may receive a commission on each sale.

Blog Monitization
Monitise your blog and make it rain

Finding the right monetisation strategy for your brand.

There are many, many monetization strategies you can use. Some more effective than others. This works on a case-by-case basis and would heavily depend on your audience and industry.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to never compromise the integrity of your brand in exchange for cheap monetization techniques.

Imagine if Rand Fishkin was to feature in a video testimonial for a company who developed poor SEO software. The company would offer a very high figure sum to ensure he signed the deal.

If the SEO authority had taken the deal, he would have heavily tarnished the integrity of his brand and his name by associating himself with such a brand.

Define your monetisation strategy early.

One way to prevent the scenario above from happening is to envision what your personal brand symbolises from the beginning. This allows you to stay focused on building the brand you want to eventually grow into.

While the concept of your personal brand may slightly change over time, it’s important to always keep in mind of your brand’s core values.

After all, these values are the same values that will help grow your brand to connect with its users. Sudden changes in your value can result in loss of trust with your audience.

7. Become an industry authority

King on a chess board

Becoming an industry authority may sound daunting. It may even sound a lot harder than it is. The reality is that it’s possible.

For example, I know two friends who are absolute dog lovers. They know everything about dogs, from breeds, pet behaviours, common diseases to best pet groomers in the area.

What this all is, is specialised knowledge.

What you can do with specialised knowledge is brand yourself as the ‘dog expert’.

Write about absolutely everything related to dogs. Their common habits, specific breeds, how to best take care of them, everything!

By researching, writing and publishing new valuable content on a frequent basis, you will eventually become a trendsetter.

Naturally, you will start to attract more and more users. Competitors and other related websites will start referencing your work, and you will have attracted a community of like-mind people.

The best part is, you will have become an industry leader possibly without even realising it.

Commitment, focus, and passion all compound. With time, it will ultimately compound your personal brand to becoming an online authority.

Take action and start your personal brand now.

If you’re passionate about your field and believe your potential to influence and steer your community in the right direction positively, then personal branding is the way to go.

Along with all my listed points of benefits of personal branding via blogging, it’s a no-brainer that you should be starting your personal brand now.

If you’re a business owner who is looking to establish your business’s brand online then you’ve come to the right place.

Let me help you establish your online brand and grow rapidly online. Reach me on daniel@www.redsearch.com.au and let’s chat!

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