10 Benefits of Outsourcing SEO To An Agency

Today’s search landscape is tougher and more unforgiving to businesses regardless of industry or location. It doesn’t help that most marketing teams have lengthy to-do lists yet insufficient time to execute them—especially with SEO.

No business is an island—and you need a dedicated staff to focus on specific aspects of marketing and operation full-time. If you’re a large business with tight production schedules, you don’t want the logistics and inventory team to record stocks, delivery schedules, accounting, and marketing simultaneously.

Most importantly, having your front-end and customer service team do SEO, technical backend, and speak with your customers simultaneously means disaster for your business.

That’s why it’s wise to outsource SEO to a reputable and award-winning agency.

Here are 10 benefits you can get by outsourcing your SEO to an Australian agency.

1. Weight distribution: Ease the responsibilities of your marketing team

Depending on your team size and composition, your marketing team may have much on its plate. Besides, SEO is a dedicated process that combines research, expertise, and proactivity.

That said, outsourcing SEO to an agency lifts that responsibility to your team, allowing you to regroup and quarterback all your efforts and expertise to a particular business channel.

Remember, there are many facets to SEO and doing each component correctly is already a huge responsibility.

What Does SEO Services Include

2. Outsourcing lets you be more productive

Multitasking takes a massive toll on your time. Performing SEO site audits and optimising your pages to rank will take months of ongoing SEO—let alone finding the right keywords and researching your market and competition.

Having seasoned SEO experts carry the role of designing and launching SEO will save you precious time so you can focus on other aspects of growing your business.

In other words, outsourcing your SEO to a reputable agency gives both parties time to be productive in certain business aspects. You get to work more on running your business on the ground while your partner agency uses its expertise to rank you in front of Google SERPs.

3. The SEOrting Hat: Streamline accountability by separating the SEO hat

Taking responsibility for a business aspect is one thing; being accountable for that task is another.

If your team wears too many hats (top it off with the SEO hat), streamlining productivity can be difficult and expensive, let alone being fully accountable to perform accordingly.

SEO covers a broad range of work, and even the biggest businesses with in-house staff invest in a dedicated SEO team to focus on short-term actions that bring long-term benefits.

In other words, you can’t half-bake SEO. There has to be a team accountable for the work. That means equipping specialists with resources, tools, equipment, and budget to perform well.

Sounds too expensive? Then consider hiring a dedicated SEO team with the tools, skills, and knowledge, and will take full accountability for how your SEO campaign performs.

4. Outsourcing SEO: Saving time is saving money

You can’t learn and specialise in SEO overnight. Besides, most will see that it’s not worth your time and money to scout, train, and assist a full-time employee on SEO.

Training to qualify as an SEO takes months; only some in your marketing team have the right skillsets to launch a comprehensive SEO campaign alone.

If you want to invest in SEO that works, you need a team of diverse specialists who excel in particular SEO areas with years of experience developing digital marketing campaigns.

Moreover, hiring an SEO agency will cost much less than training your own team—and you even get a whole roster of experts capable of producing substantial results that last.

In short, partnering with an Australian SEO agency benefits your business for significantly less cost and time. SEO takes years before it pays dividends, and failing on your first try costs much more than landing a perfect partner immediately.

5. Seeing the bigger picture: 3rd party perspective from real experts

As a team of SEO experts with years of combined experience in the industry, we know how much it means to have a third-person POV when analysing marketing campaigns.

Having someone outside your in-house staff who sees the bigger picture and understands how your business works can be a big plus.

Businesses often need to pay more attention to a lot of activities when working with sales, marketing, and customer service at the same time.

SEO agencies with years of experience working with local Australian businesses understand the nature of running a business inside and out.

With that, they can complement their marketing campaign with business operations and give an outside perspective to help you stay efficient. 

6. Consistency is key: Maintain a consistent and robust SEO strategy by outsourcing

Let’s be honest: achieving SEO success for any in-house team can be extremely difficult. Most in-house teams have to wear many hats and are often spread too thin, shouldering many responsibilities.

SEO then falls below the priority list if your marketing team is soldiering through a customer service fire or are busy trying to close sale deals. As a result, prompt SEO decisions fall behind, and the business might miss valuable opportunities to capitalise on huge SEO wins.

Inconsistent efforts in executing your overall SEO strategy won’t drive hard and long-lasting results to your business if not prioritised.

But with a dedicated SEO team, you can rest assured that you’re paying for a consistent and robust SEO strategy without wasting your time.

7. On-demand expertise: Outsourcing lets you access SEO expertise right off the bat

Ongoing SEO means keeping a keen eye on changes in the search landscape and staying ahead of Google updates. The ability to keep up with such volatility and adapt your SEO campaign to sudden changes can be costly and daunting to do in-house.

With changing Google algorithms and search rankings, complex businesses and large organisations don’t want a jack-of-all-trades in-house SEO team. 

For small businesses and startups, hiring multiple people solely for SEO is expensive and is easily off the list of choices.

Hiring an SEO agency gives you that expertise right off the bat, so large businesses can have a dedicated team while startups become more competitive without breaking the bank.

8. Leverage powerful SEO tools without learning them

Semrush Site Health

If you want to train an in-house team, that means paying for training fees, hardware, and SEO tools that are often billed monthly or annually.

Pro SEO tools are expensive, especially if they can help bring thousands back into your business. But you can access them for free by partnering with an SEO firm.

SEO agencies in Australia have access to the best SEO tools. What usually takes years of learning to use Semrush or Ahrefs tools can be streamlined into a night by discussing and working with an SEO partner.

Moreover, many SEO agencies in Australia offer digital marketing services besides executing SEO campaigns. With their help, you can have free access to a whole pool of tools, resources, and specialists for your marketing campaign.

In a nutshell, SEO agencies always keep up with industry changes by constantly testing different strategies and practices. It’s basically their bread and butter.

By outsourcing your SEO, your business benefits from the latest techniques proven to work, and naturally achieve desired results.

9. Outsourcing maximises your ROI

Anyone in-house can measure the return of SEO. But that’s not the case for teams overworked by carrying many responsibilities across multiple business and marketing aspects.

You want to ensure your SEO campaign pays dividends to your business and when or how you’ll get it.

Since you’re already investing in SEO, you might as well pick a reliable Sydney SEO partner that keeps your SEO campaign moving forward and measurable to track your overall progress.

10. Achieve sustainable growth with innovative White Hat SEO practices

Like any business, ethics and integrity go a long way for SEO. A dedicated and competitive Australian SEO agency maintains a reputation for using only white-hat practices that will improve your SEO instead of harming it.

Google strongly advises avoiding black hat SEO tactics such as link schemes and web spam. Search engines rank websites that provide real value to users and penalise those that try to manipulate the algorithm to rank faster.

Nobody wants to pay for SEO and notice a significant drop in rankings and traffic—only to find out tons of webspam on your website. A dedicated Sydney SEO team will comb through each line of code, sort out any weak points, and rid your site of any black hat tactics.

Talk about a sustainable and adaptive SEO campaign! That’s SEO outsourcing for you.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing SEO to an award-winning Australian agency doesn’t have to be risky or uncertain. It can drive positive returns to your business if they take the time to discuss your business goals, audit your website, and communicate their marketing vision to meet your business goals.

Sit down, weigh your options, and make an informed decision. Over time, watch as your ROI begins to heavily outpace your marketing costs when your agency does SEO right.

Speak with our specialists today and let’s chat about how we can grow your business through a tailored SEO campaign.

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