What Is Google My Business & How It Affects SEO


Active consumer interaction is among the critical factors in successful marketing for business enterprises and leading brands. That’s why Australia’s industry giants are closely competing for the first page in Google SERPs, as most of the internet’s traffic only flows within the first 10 results.

Besides, brands with minimal customer exposure won’t have an opportunity to drive more sales and traffic. Along those lines, statistics show that roughly 44% of businesses signed up for their Google My Business listing, giving them an advantage over competitors.

It’s almost a no-brainer for large-scale enterprises to sign up for local and international business directories. But if you’re among those who left this option out of the question, this good read is for you.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is more than a business listing platform. The platform also qualifies as an SEO management system to benefit Google’s many different services, as well as its core offering, Google Search. Additionally, leveraging Google My Business can be a turning point in driving your products’ marketability and reinforcing your brand impression on Google. 

To get started with Google My Business, one has to sign up first to obtain a My Business account. After doing so, you’ll gain new opportunities to expand your business, like displaying opening hours on Google Maps and include photos for local packs and search results.

Also, you can display consumer ratings, interact with them, and answer frequently asked questions within the Google My Business platform. That way, you have another channel to engage with consumers and anticipate market trends through reviews and consumer feedback.

In other words, Google My Business not only bridges sellers to their customers, but it also enhances business visibility on Google as well.

Importance of Google My Business

It is essential for large-scale and expanding enterprises to sign up for a Google My Business account to gear up and reinforce their website’s SEO in varying ways. 

It is beneficial for them in terms of customer interaction, marketing their business, and improving their SEO. 

Sites that do not sign up for Google My Business are at a disadvantage compared to those who did sign up. 

Building a better and smoother flow of interaction with the viewers makes your business’ reputation sturdier. 

Google My Business is an essential website for businesses and websites to have and use to improve their services, their audience interaction, and their organic exposure.  

How Google My Business affects SEO

Google My Business, as a business directory, allows your website to appear whenever users look up specific keywords on the internet. 

The level of visibility of sites is crucial in business to overtake other competitors in attracting much-needed customers. 

Understanding this relationship, the following will discuss how Google My Business significantly contributes to and impacts a website’s SEO. 

1. Prominence Boosts Competence

As the world progresses to modernisation, eCommerce is becoming a prevalent and dominant channel for leading brands. Besides, 62% of people around the globe now have access to the internet. 

Moreover, marketing also evolved together with the upward trend and conquered the internet for a seamless and convenient user shopping experience. 

To optimise and take advantage of upcoming trends, businesses must adapt by leveraging Google My Business to access its potential to gain more revenue. That way, you can improve your online activity and customer engagement so that you can compete closely with tough competitors in the top ranks of search engines.

By including Google My Business as part of your overall SEO strategy, or local SEO strategy, you can supercharge your website’s prominence to garner more customers and surpass other competitors. 

2. Business Verification Equates to Customer Assurance

It is undeniable that online marketing can be tricky in earning your consumer’s trust in your products and services. Your audience’s confusion and doubt could be most likely about the prevalence of scams and fake news articles, impacting your niche’s legitimacy and reliability.

To overcome this dilemma, Google My Business can improve your trust image and security verification. That’s because the platform requires accurate and factual information from your brand to guarantee your credibility and authenticity.

After that, you can display your Google My Business Guarantee Badge so your audience immediately knows you’re serious about your business. Online customers or searchers usually trust and open sites that are registered and backed by Google My Business, establishing a site’s verification and reliability.

3. Allows Viewers’ Trend Analysation

For digital marketing, having an in-depth analysis and understanding of your customers’ behaviour helps you reinforce the best marketing strategies and conceptualise better content.

With that, Google My Business gives you relevant insights coming from your audience, such as their locality, common interest, questions, and opportunities for keyword research.

Google My Business also lets large-scale enterprises to reassess existing marketing plans and techniques so you can improve your SEO to match your customers’ interest, attract more visitors, and increase online prominence.

4. Positive Reviews, Positive Revenue 

Excellent reviews and positive feedback from consumers on your Google My Business page increases your site’s relevance and credibility. As a result, it creates a ripple effect that, in turn, drives more visitors to your site.

Google makes use of reviews and feedback in generating search outcomes as the basis of the site’s reliability to satisfy a user’s queries. Using these insights, you can then improve your SEO and effectively secure a higher spot in the rankings. 

That is why potential customers who are interested in products and services in your niche will have better chances of finding your site first before other competitors. In other words, you can build trust from positive reviews, leaving a positive impression for potential clients, which ensures them of a safe and successful transaction. 

5. Enhanced Organic Exposure

In constructing your Google My Business page, don’t forget to attach your website link and other channels for users to engage in your site.

When users visit and read your Google My Business page, you have to ensure that they will be interested enough by the description of your site posted there. 

This piqued interest of the viewers will then lead them to your website using the link included in your Google My Business page. 

When more customers explore your site, it will help improve our website’s SEO and subsequently enhance your website’s organic exposure in search engines.

Harmonising Your Market Strategy with the Internet Demand Optimises SEO

Google My Business helps enhance your website’s SEO by listing it to business directories, improving one’s site reliability, and increasing the site’s organic exposure. 

You have to always maintain a high ranking of your site’s online visibility on search engines because online users tend to visit only the top ten results for most search queries. 

Google My Business can effectively help you boost your site’s SEO, together with improved website content to match the frequently searched keywords of your target market. 

Understanding how online marketing works, especially in Google, is advantageous to analyse and have a comprehensive idea in making your standing advance and pass other competitors.

Marketing your site digitally and competing with hundreds of thousands of well-known brands can be a challenge, even for expansive and large-scale enterprises like you.

However, using the right channels and investing in the best SEO practices to attract customers; it will become easier for you to surpass other businesses and establish your reputation.


Rest assured that your website will be the next talk of the town if you incorporate all of these useful marketing strategies online. Additionally, make sure that you implement and focus on the best SEO practices to harness all your resources and mobilise them to secure the top spot in Google SERPs. 

Furthermore, do not forget to constantly update and include all of the useful information about your website for a higher possibility of matching keyword searches. Continue to thrive in harvesting and nurturing more positive remarks and feedback about your site’s service and other important factors to persuade potential customers. 

Always remember that Google My Business can support you in achieving the enhancement of your site’s SEO for a better, if not the best, marketing strategy of your websites and businesses.

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Hans Andrew Consuegra
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Hans Andrew Consuegra

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