Barnardos Australia

Business challenges

  • Required an SEO migration solution that would protect against Google ranking fluctuations
  • Required an SEO migration solution that would preserve valuable organic traffic
  • Ensure that their new website launch would not negatively impact their brand exposure

Our solution

  • Created a bespoke migration solution that ensured no SEO rankings were lost
  • Extensive keyword research with the goal of identifying high-value users
  • Formulated an SEO strategy centred around encouraging users to donate to the charity or enquire about child adoption

Services provided

Business challenges faced by a leading Australian non-for-profit.

Barnardos Australia is a leading non-government, non-denominational, child safety and family care organisation run by an independent Board of Directors. Incorporated in Australia, Barnardos is a registered charity and a public company limited by guarantee.

Red Search were engaged by Barnardos Australia to formulate an SEO migration strategy that would protect their existing SEO rankings and organic traffic. The non-for-profit was going through a new website launch and required a well-thought-out strategy that would minimise the impact on their existing traffic from Google.

A smooth SEO migration that met the brand’s objectives and saw smiling kids all-round.

Our SEO specialists wasted no time in putting together a comprehensive migration strategy. We had one goal in mind, which was to ensure that the migration transition was made as seamless as possible.

Red Search worked alongside the Barnardos Australia marketing team and their web development agency to ensure project objectives were met on-time and with confidence.

Post-website deployment, Barnardos Australia had witnessed no negative impacts on their SEO rankings. Instead, their rankings and organic traffic have continued to sustainably increase month-on-month.


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