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At Red Search, we’re a data-driven SEO Melbourne agency dedicated to helping Australian brands achieve SEO success. Our team of high-performing SEO specialists as a direct extension of your business or marketing team to ensure that your brand’s goals and challenges are heard, and ultimately addressed.

We understand that no two brands are the same, which means that the most crucial part of your brand’s growth is to first accurately identify your key business goals and existing challenges. Through this process, we’re then able to formulate a bespoke SEO strategy perfectly centred around driving real, scalable business results for your brand.

We’re your Melbourne SEO partners, not just another agency.

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A detailed custom roadmap designed to maximise your return-on-investment & drive long-term results.

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One grand campaign that constantly evolves based on valuable data and insights extracted by our team.

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Red Local

Capture highly targeted local search traffic – customers who are located nearby and ready to transact.

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Custom migration solutions that protect against severe SEO ranking fluctuations & organic traffic loss.

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A time-tested SEO process that achieves results

We love the thrill of experimentation. Over the past 10 years, we’ve time-tested our process and have walked away with the winning formula.

SEO Strategy

Without developing a proper and time-tested SEO strategy, you’re investing tons of resources into SEO that won’t pay off. It could be because of faulty keyword targeting, misleading site health assessment, or an insufficient market and competitor research.

That’s why you need a dedicated team of Melbourne SEO specialists who can streamline and execute a bespoke SEO strategy while thoroughly monitoring its execution.

On-Page Optimisation

Google has consistently outlined the importance of user experience (UX) at the heart of its search ranking algorithm. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as search engines are aiming to be intuitive when providing personalised search results relevant to user intent.

That said, on-page elements must complement the user’s experience, making it a crucial factor for search engine optimisation. Our team performs complete and comprehensive on-page optimisation audits, ensuring that your brand is on par and ahead of competitors.

We optimise vital on-page elements, including: page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and image attributes, heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5), internal and external links, Schema markup, LSI keywords and keyword frequency

Red Local

Our revolutionary local SEO service. Red Search harnesses the potential of local SEO to drive high-quality organic leads to dominant and leading brands in Melbourne, competing for a new or existing local region.

We will assess and optimise a handful of local SEO components, including but not limited to: business NAP consistency, local citations, Google My Business Reviews, LocalBusiness Schema and on-page optimisation. By teaming up with the best Melbourne SEO strategists, you can provide a consistent flow of local leads that can be highly profitable for your business.

Lost SEO Rankings

Nobody likes losing highly sought-after keywords on Google SERPs. Whether from a recent Google algorithm update, to some technical SEO issues on your site, we can help you recover lost rankings with a proper SEO strategy.

Our Melbourne SEO experts will evaluate your business website’s historical data to backtrack the causes of some issues. Afterwards, we will strategise and come up with actionable procedures to essentially reverse the damage and restore your rankings in Google SERPs.

Our team strictly follows a time-tested process to assess every client case-by-case and craft the winning formula to secure your SEO rankings successfully.

Link Strategy

Acquiring sustainable backlinks from authoritative sites is often the most challenging aspect to keep your SEO in good shape. But unless you can streamline a proper link acquisition strategy, you run the risk of losing competitive keyword rankings and might stray into the infamous black hat SEO.

We usually kick off your SEO discovery phase by consolidating a tailored link building strategy that aims to obtain valuable backlinks to your business. We analyse and consistently assess your domain authority, link profiles of every linking root domains, and anchor texts.

Most importantly, we launch our link strategy while ensuring that it achieves a sustainable organic link velocity, leading to optimal results for your overall brand SEO campaign.

Technical SEO Auditing

Red Search dives straight into your website’s holistic components and scours them through our technical SEO auditing process. With hundreds and thousands of interrelated SEO factors to remember, improving a few elements can reward your SEO rankings exponentially.

During the auditing period, our team examines the following technical SEO factors: page loading speed, page accessibility and crawlability, internal link structure, missing pages, 404 errors, broken outbound links, nofollow links, noindex pages, server response time, Schema markups, XML sitemaps, 301 redirects, and more

Content Development

At Red Search, our Melbourne SEO specialists execute a well-crafted content marketing strategy on top of our exceptional SEO campaign. We will also help increase your brand’s organic visibility by providing expert content development capabilities. Our team will curate and create your content at the heart of our SEO Melbourne agency, serving the Australian market.

When it comes to developing your content, we look at relevant SEO content factors like: word count, search volume, keyword search, intent LSI keywords, keyword traffic potential, keyword frequency and keyword conversion probability

SEO Migration

Leading brands who need to go through a new website launch have to consider the impact of a site migration to their current Google rankings. Without streamlining a data-driven and time-tested SEO migration strategy throughout the moving phase, you might risk massive losses in search visibility and organic traffic.

At Red Search, our Melbourne SEO experts implement the winning formula to roll out a sustainable and cost-efficient SEO migration strategy. We know the stakes of migrating your site; that’s why we optimise and tailor-fit our SEO strategy to safeguard your site from lost rankings.

We work with your in-house digital marketing team tightly to facilitate a robust and seamless website launch.


"Red Search were quick to understand our business objectives and had applied a structured SEO solution that worked to drive sustainable growth in our organic eCommerce traffic."

Petar Mrkela - Digital Marketing Manager

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How does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work?

SEO is the process of optimising a website to best comply with search engine quality guidelines. For Australian brands, it’s optimising to comply with the leading search engine, Google. Google prioritises three core components when deciding how high a website should rank in its search results, they include on-page and off-page factors and user experience factors.

These 3 components then break off into hundreds of other micro factors that Google’s core algorithm takes into consideration as a ‘ranking factor’. A high ranking website on Google typically has a great balance of all 3 components.

Why do I need a bespoke SEO strategy?

A bespoke SEO strategy will take into consideration exactly where your brand is at and what key areas we can quickly address to achieve results – in other words, strategically formulating a plan to generate a positive ROI for your brand in the quickest time-frame possible.

What type of SEO service do I need?

During our discovery phase, we audit your website and all historical data to determine exactly what will be included in your bespoke SEO strategy. We take into consideration the state of your website and exactly what needs to be addressed for you to see results.

Your bespoke strategy may include a combination of structural SEO changes, content optimisation, local optimisation and more. We recommend first reaching out and having a chat with one of our senior SEO specialists in Melbourne.

What industries do you work with?

We work with all across all major industries, including eCommerce, professional services, retail, not-for-profits and Government.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO in Melbourne can vary. A few major factors that we consider include your desired business revenue (compared against where you are), the current state of your website and performance metrics such as current SEO traffic and SEO leads. We benchmark all of these factors and then forecast what would be required to achieve your desired results.

How long does it take to see SEO results?

Depending on the authority of your domain, the timing of results may vary. The general rule of thumb is that SEO practices, once implemented, typically take between 1-2 months to properly reflect in Google’s search engine result pages. During our consultation phase, we discuss your specific goals to ensure that your goals are achievable within a set timeframe.

We understand that as a medium to large-sized business, you have budgets, time-frames and expectations to maintain. No matter what your desired SEO results, we can work with your team to ensure that our proposed SEO solution meets your unique needs.

What SEO metrics do you measure?

We can measure virtually almost every SEO metric that is important to your business. Prior to the commencement of your campaign, we will discuss what metrics are the most important to you and your business. Defining a core set of KPIs is crucial to the success of any SEO campaign. If your brand has yet to define your KPIs, your dedicated senior SEO consultant will do so after an initial consultation.

Do I need an SEO consultant or an SEO agency?

The most significant difference between an SEO consultant and a Melbourne SEO agency is the number of resources each possesses. If your brand has a limited budget then having an SEO consultant to provide consultancy may be highly cost-effective. However, if you’re looking for a team of specialists who can both strategise, campaign management and execute then choosing an agency may be the better option.

Who will be managing my account?

Your account will be managed by a senior SEO consultant. We firmly believe that as an agency, all brands should be working directly with an experienced SEO consultant who not only understands the SEO technicals but can also translate these complex details into real business talk.

How do I receive support?

You will be able to receive support at all times of your SEO campaign through contact with your dedicated senior SEO consultant. Our hands-on approach to account management will ensure that you always have an SEO partner by your side.

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