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Red Search is an award-winning Brisbane SEO agency focused on helping Australian brands scale online. We do this through extensive market research, data collection and strategic implementation of advanced search optimisation practices.

Our team of Brisbane SEO specialists work with executives, business owners and marketing managers all across Australia to drive real, long-lasting business growth. We simplify the technicals of search marketing and can convey meaningful data that will help you make better business decisions.

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A detailed custom roadmap designed to maximise your return-on-investment & drive long-term results.

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One grand campaign that constantly evolves based on valuable data and insights extracted by our team.

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Capture highly targeted local search traffic – customers who are located nearby and ready to transact.

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Custom migration solutions that protect against severe SEO ranking fluctuations & organic traffic loss.

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A time-tested SEO process that achieves results

We love the thrill of experimentation. Over the past 10 years, we’ve time-tested our process and have walked away with the winning formula.

Research & Strategy

Business and competitor research is conducted within the first stage of every SEO campaign, we call this the Discovery phase. At its core, our discovery allows us to sufficiently benchmark and set expectations on future deliverables.

We audit your website and the search landscape to collect valuable competitor and market data. We then formulate a bespoke SEO strategy designed to suit your business and solve your unique growth challenges.

Seamless Implementation

Timely and swift implementation of core findings is key to streamlining and achieving successful results. We’re able to work with your web development team or have our own in-house SEO specialists implement best SEO practices.

All our staff are senior SEO specialists. This means that you will always receive the highest level of support and implementation expertise. We don't just set and forget, we're with you every step of the way.

Transparent Reporting

We work with industry-leading SEO reporting tools that allow for the highest level in data tracking and management. This allows for valuable business metrics to be extracted and served when you and your team need it most.

All project reporting is done in a transparent manner. This means that business owners and senior staff can access reports conveniently, allowing them to make key business decisions moving forward. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure that through our SEO, your business will have a competitive edge over your direct competitors.


"Red Search were quick to understand our business objectives and had applied a structured SEO solution that worked to drive sustainable growth in our organic eCommerce traffic."

Petar Mrkela - Digital Marketing Manager

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  • How does SEO Brisbane work?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the whole process of optimising your website content so that Google and other search engines will rank your site as a top result when users type in your target keywords.

    Now that you’re on our web page is a product of our effective SEO strategy. You were probably searching for SEO Brisbane and Google showed our site on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). You’re here because you believe that since we’re on the top results, we have the most relevant answer to your search query.

    SEO is easy like that but it’s many more. For one, content is not just about what’s seen on the web page or the on-page SEO. There are also off-page and technical SEO to consider. This can be confusing and even frustrating, but with the best SEO Agency in Brisbane working with you, you have nothing to worry about.

    Before your website is shown on the organic SERPs, search engines like Google should be able to crawl your pages so that they can index and rank them. They employ crawlers to find every webpage on the internet. Moreover, they utilise thousands of algorithms for indexing and ranking websites. Your site ranking will depend on the relevance and authority of your content.

    As the best SEO specialists in Brisbane, Red Search is always updated with the latest trends in search queries as well as with Google’s recent algorithms and ranking factors. We ensure that every content we develop for your site is crawlable. On top of that, we also strive to make it as relevant as possible by using profitable keywords to outrank other competition.

    Our team of SEO enthusiasts is willing to go through all this hassle to provide you with the SEO marketing strategy that’s right for your brand. Ultimately, our goal is to generate high-quality traffic and leads to your website to increase your business revenue. Red Search has the winning formula to make all of that happen.
  • What are the benefits of Brisbane SEO?

    Red Search is an award-winning SEO agency in Brisbane that helps businesses scale online. If you work with us, we can provide you with a tailor-fit SEO strategy with multiple significant and sustainable ROIs such as lead generation and brand awareness.

    In a day, it is estimated that users conduct over 3.5 billion searches. That means that you have a huge market and potential customers for your products and services. What Brisbane SEO does is it helps your brand reach out to your audience by enabling your site to show up in the top results whenever people search for your product and service keywords.

    Our Brisbane SEO specialists conduct extensive market research and data collection so that we stay updated with the latest search trends and changes in search engine algorithms. This guides us in developing a premium quality digital marketing strategy for your brand.
  • Can Brisbane SEO generate consistent HQ leads?

    Website visitors and potential clients can become your customer through an effective Brisbane SEO marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimisation is not all about being visible to your audience. It also has the goal of converting visitors and potential clients.

    Compared to traditional marketing, which intends to connect with customers on a wide scale, Brisbane SEO is more specialised. It focuses on people who are actively looking for your brand’s products and services. Because of this, SEO eliminates the sending of unnecessary and annoying emails, spams, and advertisements. Instead, it lets your website show up in the results page whenever you have the most relevant content for a particular keyword or key phrases.

    Online users benefit from this focused approach of Search Engine Optimisation. They gain a valuable user experience from browsing the websites that are shown as a top result. This is because search engines and users alike look for the same things - authority and relevance to a particular user search query.

    Our SEO specialists here at Red Search are Australians who understand the Australian market. If you’re located in Brisbane or in multiple locations in the country, we conduct extensive research into your target market and determine what they are looking for. We will also analyse the current ranking of your site amongst your competition to craft the perfect SEO strategy for your brand.
  • What’s your approach to Brisbane SEO?

    As your data-driven Brisbane SEO agency, we begin our process by conducting our due-diligence around your brand, your industry, competitors, and the market. Our Brisbane SEO team researches the profitable keywords around your business and crafts a bespoke strategy to suit.

    We incorporate only white-hat SEO practices with the goal of generating long-term, sustainable business results. Speak with our SEO specialists for an in-depth chat about what we can do for you.
  • How much does SEO cost in Brisbane?

    Optimising your website for search engines doesn’t have to be expensive. At Red Search, we don’t offer fixed rates for our services. Instead, provide our clients with a scalable solution to match their growth goals. To give you an indication, our Brisbane SEO campaigns start at $2,000+GST and scale upwards from there.

    We consider the size of your target market as well as your competition. These two mainly determine the price of your SEO campaign. The bigger your market size and competition, naturally this will equate to a higher campaign cost.

    Other factors affecting your Brisbane SEO campaign costs are:
    • Number of target keywords
    • Website age and authority
    • Web design, structure, and overall content
    • Brand objectives and target timeframes
    • Campaign KPIs

    For more info about Brisbane SEO pricing, please speak with us today. We'll provide you with you a campaign assessment.
  • What industries in Brisbane do you work with?

    Red Search has been providing Brisbane SEO services to businesses and enterprises of all industries and sizes. No matter where your brand is in terms of SERPs ranking, we have the perfect bespoke solution for you.

    Industries that we work with include government, healthcare, professional services, hospitality, not-for-profits, manufacturing and home improvement. Please speak to us today and find out more about our Brisbane SEO work.

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