Google September Core Algorithm Update

Google recently announced the September Core Algorithm Update on September 12, 2022. The official report and algorithm update list stated that the update may take more than two weeks to complete the rollout.

Dubbed the September Core Algorithm Update, here’s everything you need to know about the core update and how you can respond and adapt to it.

September 2022 Core Algorithm Update

Google publicly announces core algorithm updates, especially those that significantly impact Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

In a tweet by the Official Google Search Central, the search engine reported that it will update its ranking release history page as soon as the algorithm update finishes rolling out.

Until then, web admins, content marketers, and SEO specialists should notice changes in rankings across their web pages and websites. That’s because search ranking changes and improvements are most noticeable during and after core algorithm updates, where Google crawls through countless pages to assess and compare their performance.

Google has not released any information about the update’s impact on different languages. But as with most other algorithm updates, the September Core Algorithm Update may roll out in multiple languages over time.

How it Impacts Helpful Content Update

When asked whether the September Core Update amplifies Google’s Helpful Content Update, Danny Sullivan explained that there may be an impact. But relying on helpful content alone isn’t vital enough to tip the scales.

In other words, Google intends to complement the Helpful Content Update with the September Core Algorithm to improve the search experience. 

Everyday users may not notice the difference, but helpful content as a part of the core algorithm will run in real-time and evaluate page content as soon as they go live.

Besides, despite the perceived impact of Helpful Content and September Core Updates, many SEOs believe that the recent core updates crack down on repeat violators and thin content.

You should not notice any obvious penalties if consistently publishing high-quality content and implementing proven white SEO practices. Helpful Content Update only targets poor search practices and will not impact all nooks and crannies of a website. 

Responding to Core Updates

We can expect Google’s September Core Algorithm Update to impact search results within a few weeks.

Some industries may get affected more than others, but it falls down to the prevalence of thin content, poor user experience, and violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines.

If you believe your business has been impacted by Google’s recent core update, reach out and speak with our Sydney SEO specialists today.

Our experts can provide insight into what may have gone wrong and offer a recovery solution to suit. 

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